People are Interesting Creatures

Tall. Short.
Wide. Thin.
Happy. Sad.
Content. Upset.
Introvert. Extrovert.
People are interesting creatures.

Many words describe people. When you examine all the many things a person can be at one time it’s incredibly overwhelming and yet completely comforting at once. No one “likes” being labeled, but our capacity to comprehend the vast array of qualities is our only attempt at understanding and dealing with our own existence and mortality.

The difference between animals and humans is that humans are conscious that they are conscious. Humans have a conscience. Animals are conscious creatures; they move, eat, sleep and operate independently but they act solely on instinct and their current mood or demeanor. I suppose some humans do this too, but I’m thinking about all of humanity in this post.

Humans have choice. Humans can define their own reality and can act either with or against their conscience. The word “can” is important here…possible, but not necessarily acted out. I’m not trying to get into a nature versus nurture argument, but choice is always present and humans have the ability to think and decide. Certainly there are consequences for those choices, but choice is always an option nevertheless; even no decision is a decision.

The older I get, the more books that I read and the more people I meet, I see how wonderful the world is and how mysterious creation can be…I see things all at once and not at all at the same time. I cannot often comprehend every aspect of what I experience, but I feel the wholeness and the magnitude all at once.

As I continue to age, and hopefully grow in wisdom as I do, I see the completeness of the human experience. People are not just words, but living beings trying at once to be something for themselves and something for others, some combination of the two. I see life and death as not just singular events in time but rather on a continuum of human existence in the world as we know it.

People are interesting creatures.

Whether I’m thinking about someone I’ve known a long time or meeting someone new, I can’t help but think about what that person is thinking and feeling and what led them to the place they are now and where they are headed in life. I also think about my own ability to think about what I’m thinking about and think about what I’m feeling. And it’s interesting how we connect or disconnect at various stages in time depending on how we and others are either thinking or feeling.

So many little things can get in the way of those fragile connections that aren’t readily apparent to all people at all times…and this happens constantly over time. We’re at once trying to deal with ourselves (either consciously or unconsciously) and with others whom we have thoughts and feelings for on a wide spectrum. And each person has various motivations and is being acted on both internally and externally and all of a sudden it’s no wonder that human existence has been plagued with horrible atrocities and wonderful advancements at every stage since its existence.

And yet the sun rises and sets.
The earth keeps spinning.
And time is constantly moving forward.

I don’t know what the answer is, or even if there is a question. But I do know that people are interesting creatures.